Stainless Steel Conveyor Technology


Our products are built to fit your needs. Stainless Steel promises high quality and innovative technology for every task and every sector across all industries like food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry. We help you to achieve your targets. Our standard solutions in stainless steel cover a broad spectrum:


All of our stainless steel solutions are available in explosion protection and/or clean room version upon request and comply with Explosion Protection Guidelines (94/9/EG) Ex II 2G c and Ex II 2G d.

Our products

  • Multilift
    electric forklift
  • Steep Conveyor Belt
    conveyer belt
  • Mobile Lift Type 402 H/Ex
    Lift Truck
  • Charging System
    batch fuel loading
  • Stainless Steel Lifting Table
    Lift Table
  • Scissors Lifting Table Type 350
    Lift Table
  • Mobile lift type 402 E
    electric forklift
  • Electric forklift type 422
    electric forklift