Accident Prevention

Accident prevention for your tilting machine and fork lift according to BGG 954-1 and BGG 939.

The successful and safe operation of the machines depends on perfect conditions of the lifting gear, breaks and safety devices. 

Forklifts and pallet lifting trucks need to be inspected at least once a year by a qualified person according to §37 BGV D27 and FEM 4004, also the tilting machines need to be inspected once a year according to the regulations of the Employers' Liability Insurance Association for food processing machinery.
We perform all safety checks according to the accidential prevention requirements of the Employers' Liability Insurance Association.
So occupational safety can be guaranteed and the risk of business interruption can be kept to a minimum. 
Routine preventative maintenance performed by our service technicians increases operational reliability, lowers operating costs and extends the service life of your system.
We are pleased to create a maintenance schedule for your forklift trucks (also from different manufacturers) and remind you of the next scheduled check.

Our products

  • Multilift
    electric forklift
  • Steep Conveyor Belt
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  • Mobile Lift Type 402 H/Ex
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  • Charging System
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  • Stainless Steel Lifting Table
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  • Scissors Lifting Table Type 350
    Lift Table
  • Mobile lift type 402 E
    electric forklift
  • Electric forklift type 422
    electric forklift